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Our Kickstart program is a carefully designed curriculum that teaches you how to improve your life for the better.  We’ll build upon the things that you are already doing right and help you identify the areas that need a change.   Yes. We are a gym. But reaching optimal fitness will NOT come from working out alone.  It is combining solid nutrition, smart recovery AND  proper training that will bring amazing results.  But don’t worry, putting it all together isn’t so hard with the support of your coach and our awesome community.

We opened CrossFit Discovery in 2009 and have tried every imaginable method of getting new folks ready for group classes.  Over the years it became obvious that nothing works as well as personal training. Personal training with one of our expert coaches allows you to build a foundation that will make your CrossFit experience more sustainable, safe and enjoyable.

Because we put your long-term well being first,  you won’t be able to attend group workouts until you are ready.   Throwing you into group workouts before you’re ready is a recipe for confusion, disappointment, and injury.   Being prepared to succeed in group CrossFit training is rarely a matter of cardio fitness.  It is vital that you learn new and unfamiliar movements and get consistent at doing them correctly. There are often mobility/flexibilty restrictions which need to be addressed in order for you to develop stable posture and correct movement. Our formula for you is: (1) learn correct movement technique, (2) become consistent with correct movement (3) then and only then add intensity.

Along the way, you and your coach will also cover topics such as basic nutrition, sleep, mobility/flexibility, ideal training schedule and goal setting.

Kickstart consists of at least 10 personal training sessions for those without extensive CrossFit experience.  Many folks are ready for group class after 10 sessions.  If you need additional work or decide you prefer personal training to group training, no worries, its simple to book additional sessions with your coach.

We realize that getting started with us requires a significant investment.  If you are looking for a “cheap gym membership,” we are definitely not it.  We offer professional coaching, many class times and small class sizes.  If you prefer to start training with a friend, the price per person for Kickstart is an even better value. ($750 for you, $1000 for you and a friend or $1200 for you and two friends) Just add their name(s) and email address in the comment box.

We aren’t on this planet for long.  Being happy, healthy and fit while you are makes for a much better experience.  We look forward to helping you!

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