No Sweat Intro

No Sweat Intro

Your goals are our goals. And the better we know you, the better we can help. We use CrossFit and our expertise in Nutrition and Healthy Lifestyle habits to help you reach your goals and live your life to the fullest.

Training at CrossFit Discovery is much different than at traditional commercial gyms. Years of experience have shown us that ANYONE (age, weight, fitness experience) can achieve phenomenal results training with us, but it’s not necessarily everyone’s cup of tea. Let’s chat about whether CrossFit Discovery is a good fit for you.

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Athletes with extensive CrossFit experience may qualify to bypass our Intro Programs.  If that applies to you, book a Skill Evaluation session in place of the No Sweat Intro when you hear back from us.



We’ve met. You’re excited. Let’s get you off to a great start!

Our Kickstart program is a carefully-designed curriculum that teaches you the fundamentals of CrossFit, nutrition, and how to maintain your body. Working either one-on-one with a coach or in a small group, we build a foundation of good mechanics that will make your fitness experience much safer and more enjoyable.

We’ll build upon the things that you are already doing right and help you identify the areas that need a change. Reaching optimal fitness is not just about working out. It is in combining solid nutrition, smart recovery AND proper training that we achieve amazing results. And we make the process fun with supportive coaches and a truly awesome community.

Group CrossFit Classes


No matter where you are starting, CrossFit Discovery will help you improve all aspects of your fitness.  You will be training in a community of amazing people, learning how to move better and get stronger every day.  Our expert coaches will scale each workout to fit your capabilities so you never stop improving.

Each class consists of a warm up, skill development, the WOD (workout of the day) and a cool down (mobility/accessory work).  Every single time you come to the gym is another chance to learn, grow and get better.

Forever Fit


For folks ages 55 and up, Forever Fit is a functional training program designed to help you build the strength, stamina and flexibility that you need to enjoy life to the fullest!

From the very beginning, CrossFit Discovery’s motto has been “Forging Lifelong Fitness,” and we really mean it! Join us twice per week for a fun, safe, and effective group workout that is specifically designed to keep you moving well for years to come.

Personal Training


Your goals are our goals.  Whether you are an entrepreneur with a time crunched schedule,  someone who wants individual help losing weight, an athlete that needs sports specific training, or just plain prefer one-on-one attention, we have you covered.

Many of our clients train with our awesome coaches outside of group CrossFit class.  30 minute and 1 hour session are available.  Let’s meet up to discuss how we can help and set up your first session.

Kickstart for Runners

You are a runner.  You love running and want to keep doing it. But to keep improving and be more durable, you know you need to Cross Train. Kickstart for runners is a great way to learn the basics of CrossFit, add strength and conditioning to your training and have fun in the process.

We have partnered with running coach extraordinaire, Jen Tyson, in developing this four week course.  In it you’ll have 2 CrossFit workouts and 1 track workout per week. Over the 4 weeks you’ll complete our Kickstart Curriculum, learning the basics of functional training and be eligible to train with our Group Classes after the course ends.

Contact Us to find out when the next Kickstart for Runners course begins.

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