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your well-being is my obsession


It can be easy to assume that the folks most important to you know your thoughts. But we all know what they say about assuming.

We have lots of news and upcoming events about which to inform you.  This email started out as a laundry list of such. While working down that list, it became clear that this might instead be great opportunity to pull back the curtain and share the “whys” and “hows” of CrossFit Discovery with you.  It will, I hope, create context for the upcoming changes we are making to improve your experience.

CrossFit gyms are not franchises and are certainly not all the same. We are a loose affiliation of coaches with a shared knowledge of CrossFit principals. For example, that “Constantly varied functional movement performed at high intensity” is both the definition of CrossFit itself and the best way to train for general fitness. And of course, we have been exposed to lots and lots more theory and practical methodology.

But as far as operating a CrossFit affiliate, anything goes. Equipment, staff, facilities, programming, pricing and scheduling are all completely up to the owner.  So whether it is by design or happenstance, everything about Discovery is my responsibility, whether good, bad and indifferent.

Since your experience training with is largely dependent on the aggregate effect of all the decisions I have made as a gym owner, it seems only fair that you know about how those choices were made, if only you decide to read further.

We are here to help our valued members:

  • to feel great most of the time (not necessarily during a wod)
  • to enjoy your fitness IN and OUT of the gym
  • to decrease your stress level
  • to look your best
  • to increase your mental toughness
  • to avoid chronic disease
  • to be youthful at any age
We are here to create opportunities for our wonderful staff:
  • to be valued leaders of our community
  • to do rewarding work every day
  • to have a path to a meaningful career
  • to make a professional wage
We are here as the owners:
  • to make a sustainable living
  • to spread happiness, health and fitness
  • to make Charleston, SC and the USA better by making people better
  • to keep doing this as long as there is a need

So how to best accomplish ALL of these aims at the same time? Below find my own obstinate, Stoic, Nebraskan-Californian opinion on what works best. And the cool thing is, if you disagree, it’s easy to find another gym where they do things differently.

Smaller is Better.

You may have noticed that though we’ve grown steadily over the years, there are rarely a big percentage of “brand new people” in our classes.

As a gym owner I get bombarded with “Gain 30 members this month” emails and social media ads- daily.  But there’s a reason we don’t want to grow that way.

If we have 5 “new folks” in a class who just bought a Groupon or want to “try a free CrossFit Class”  what are the chances your coach will pay ANY attention to you, a longtime member?

Four things we are doing to “Stay Small and Personal”:

  • Effective May 1, 2017, we’ll begin capping classes (except for Saturday team WODs) at 12 on Daniel Island and 10 Downtown.  Pre-registration will be required to secure your spot in a class.
  • We are adding classes to our schedule (also effective May 1st) so everyone can find a class time that works for them.  A detailed survey to help us determine new times will follow this week.
  • We are developing a CrossFit Discovery App to make signing in for classes or personal training and managing your account easy-peasy.
  • We have refined our KickStart program to prepare new members even more thoroughly for Group Class.  They will all have a minimum of 10 personal training sessions under their belt and even more knowledge of how to succeed at Discovery before starting regular WODs.

Will we continue to grow?  Yes.  But as we grow we will continue to protect your experience.  We aren’t a retail focused business. We don’t try to sell you a bunch of “supplements” or other crap in which we don’t believe. We offer a general fitness program that will put you in the 95th percentile of All Americans if you eat well and consistently show up. And you can get there while being happy and enjoying your life.

We aren’t cheap.  I would rather train 10-12 people well than 20 poorly.  This is not a volume business.  Lots of gyms are. We want to know every one of you by name, your dog’s name, your occupation, where you are from and more.  Because? Because you are the most interesting, motivated, creative and funny people in Charleston. And we can coach you better the more we know.

We also know that it’s impossible to perfectly please everyone. Some of you would like to do Olympic weightlifting every day. Some would prefer to never do Olympic weightlifting ever again. I get it.  My compass is pointed at all times at helping the whole CrossFit Discovery community be as generally fit and prepared as possible.  We don’t do squats or pullups to be good at squats or pullups.  We do them to be functional humans. But if you want to specialize in one thing or another, WE CAN HELP. Personalized training is available with one of our expert coaches. Talk to one of them or call Kimberly at 843.813.6343 to arrange an appointment.

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