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Our Kickstart program is a carefully designed curriculum that teaches you the fundamentals of movement, nutrition, and how to maximize your results.

Group CrossFit Classes

Group Classes

No matter where you are starting, CrossFit Discovery will help you improve all aspects of your fitness. You will be training in a community of amazing people, learning how to move better and get stronger every day.

Forever Fit

Forever Fit

For folks ages 55 and up, Forever Fit is a functional training program designed to help you build the strength, stamina and flexibility that you need to enjoy life to the fullest!

Personal Training

Personal Training

Many of our clients train with our awesome coaches outside of group CrossFit class. 30 minute and 1 hour session are available. Let’s meet up to discuss how we can help and set up your first session.

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Members are Saying

  • CrossFit changed my life! I never thought I could be strong. Now I hang my bike up, move the washing machine and put my own suitcase in the overhead bin. And that's after sprinting through the airport to catch a flight! My coaches have made this body and mind transformation possible. Thank you for turning me into a lifelong athlete.

    Alesya M.
  • I'm pretty sure there's a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is, but first I want to thank the coaches at CrossFit Discovery for getting me here.

    Troy B.
  • I've been doing CrossFit for 4 years now and absolutely love it. I've conquered challenges that I never thought I would, like open water swims, bull dog challenge, and recently set the pace and winded a 24 year old man hiking Table Mtn. CrossFit has allowed me to stay young, body and mind, because I can continue to play and feel amazing doing it.

    Melissa K.
  • I used to be heavy and could only lift light things. Now I'm light and can lift heavy things.

    Clint M.
  • I played collegiate softball and as an adult have not found anything that challenges me physically, mentally & emotionally like CrossFit does. It it so satisfying to work on such technical movements, like the Olympic lifting, and stretch the boundaries of what I thought I was capable of. After competing for so long on the softball field and then it all just going away, CrossFit helped fill that void in my life. I love how challenging it is and how improvement can be seen in direct proportion to how much I put in. I decide how hard I work and I decide how much better I get. It gives me a sense of control and satisfaction with my overall fitness goals. Everyone celebrates each other's success because the competition is only with your previous score, not anyone else. The Discovery gym is more than just that.. It's a community you can do life with.

    Carman M.